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Conveyor Width
Witness Mark
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Fully Automated Acoustic Resonant Test System




  • Designed to be manually loaded or fed with another conveyor (parts must be presented in a uniform and repeatable fashion)
  • Built in weighing capabilities
  • Automatic sorting of conforming/non-conforming parts
  • Adjustable throughput levels (maximum 1200pph)
  • Database logging providing 100% part traceability
  • Fully-automated part configuration


Options (additional charges may apply)


Conveyor Wdths of 12", 18" or 24" 

Tag Printer for Collection Bins

Pneumatic Witness Mark


Additional conveyor section for 2 bin parts dumping on conforming end of system (allows throughput to continue while bins are changed out when full)

Support Plans - Standard, Silver, Gold, or Platinum - See individual product page

  • Technical Specs

    Frame 6" tube steel fully welded with 11ga steel enclosure
    Belt 30.5cm (12") wide urethane, anti-static, anti-friction belt (custom sizes available)
    Motor Heavy-duty AC gearmotor with external encoder
    PLC Siemens S7-1200
    Part Sensing Intelligent light bars
    Sorting Rotary actuated swing gate(normally closed)
    HMI Siemens 377E
    Scale Fully-temperature compensated weighing system (max. 30kg)
    Acoustics Full enclosure for noise and wind attenuation
    Analyzer Ethernet IPC digital signal processor
    Frequency Range Up to 50kHz (20kHz or below recommended for castings)
    Resolution Up to 1.56Hz
    Spectral Data Overlay up to 1500 traces
    Hammer Electronic variable force impactor
    Microphone ICP dust resistant with integral pre-amp
    Throughput 3-4 seconds per part typical
    Allowed Part Size Dependent on conveyor configuration
    Overall Dimensions 122cm (4') wide x 244cm (8') long (based configuration of 12" wide belt) - Dimensions may vary based on final product selection